The People behind the pals

Hatchepsut                Me & Ahmed

Chrystal & Ahmed at Hatchetsups Temple and Karnak

About our Felines

Origins are from Iran by way of Egypt. We take great pride in raising our kittens. We house underfoot both the Stud and Queens from which our babies are born. We pour love into our babies from the moment they are born. Looking for a cutie of your own or just want to join us in the adventure of watching the babies grow? See our “Kittens!” section & peak at our “Adopted Pals” to see the cute babies from past litters. I’m proud to say that I have kept in touch with every mamma/family who has adopted one of our babies. It’s such a joy to watch them grow. We view each new family as an extension of our own. You can read about some of the experiences our mammas have had in the “Testimonial” Section or connect with us on FB to see live reviews.

Tell Me More

I have always loved to travel. I love to explore and Egypt the cradle of civilization was my next adventure. A family friend introduced me to an Egyptian tour guide Noura. We became fast friends, and she introduced me to her brother Ahmed.

When I went on my first trip to Egypt I stayed with Noura’s family, during that time we visited ancient places, toured the desert around the Giza pyramids on camel back, and it’s during this time II fell in love with Ahmed! Needless to say Noura is now my sister, and Ahmed is now my husband.

Ahmed and I were married in Egypt in April of 2010. We spent an amazing honeymoon that lasted over one month touring all over Egypt exploring the temples of Southern Egypt to the Turquoise blue waters of the Mediterranean.

It was several months before Ahmed was able to travel home to Florida with me and during that time he sent me two wonderful Persian cats from Egypt as a gift; Cairo Panda, and Diamond Masquerade thus Persian Pals began.

It brings us absolute joy to share our beautiful Persian kittens. We feel each new mamma who adopts one of our babies is an extension of our Persian Pals family.

What We Do

Brush long hair
Kiss furry faces
Dangle string
Raise Future Family Members
Tickle Bellies

See What Else We do!

Exotic Egyptian Jewelry & Egyptian Stylized Cosmetics

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