Adopting Two

We offer a buddy discount of $50 off the price of the second pal.

Should I adopt Two?!

We are often asked if it is best to adopt two kittens.
If you already have other pets, YES! The more the merrier!
If you have no other pets in the home, or spend part of the day away where there is no one at home with your kitty, then YES it is a great idea.

Do you currently have an older or senior cat?

Although it might sound contrary, an older, established cat
will probably accept two kittens better than one. If you only bring
home one kitten, the kitten will seek out the older cat as their main
playmate. This may pester the senior cat which can cause stress.
The kitten in return, will be “rewarded” for his playful efforts
with hisses and swats. Two kittens will expend their energy in play with
each other, leaving their older “grandma or grandpa cat” to relax in peace and
enjoy watching the youngsters play. Grand kitty can always join in when she
or he wishes and has the energy to do so without the burden of being the
sole beneficiary of all of the kitties energy.

Here are a few of the reasons a second furry companion is a good choice:

1Cats need stimulation during the day just like humans. A kitten left alone during the day can become lonely and bored, which sometimes can lead to mischief. Two kittens will never be lonely, especially if they are siblings.
Two kittens who grow up together will almost always be lifelong friends. Although they will sometimes have their little squabbles (what friends don’t?) you will more often see them engaging in mutual grooming, playing together, and sleeping with their best pal.

2 Studies have shown that some animals left alone most of the day in the house have brains that weigh up to 25% less than those who have playmates. This is because they are less active and can become bored by spending many hours alone.


3 Kittens will self train…
Kittens learn by copying. If one kitten is quick to learn appropriate litter box use, the other will be likely to copy.
They also help each other with grooming; washup after meals soon becomes a ritual with two kittens.

4 By having two (or more) kitties, you are able to enjoy the true social nature of cats and their relationship with each other.

If you are considering adopting a kitten, think about your best friend and consider whether you would deprive your kitten of the enrichment a friend brings to life.
5 Cats that have a playmate tend to be more socially well-adjusted and more easily handle new situations.


6 Your cat will remain more playful and youthful into his or her later years with a four legged companion to interact with.


7 If they have companions, cats are much less likely to gain weight due to lack of movement and to suffer related illnesses.


8 It’s super fun to have two!

Choosing Gender

Question: What gender should I choose?
Answer: Either male or female are fine choices. Your kittens will be spayed or neutered so any gender combo will work

A litter mate (boy or girl) is great as a second kitty because they are already pals- familiar with one another and are already playmates. If there is a little age difference in your two kitties from different litters that is OK too, as the older kitty usually quickly adopts the new “baby” in the home as his or her little sister or brother.

The most important thing is for you to pick a second kitten that you love, and she or he will love you in return! That way, your second kitty pal will be a wonderful companion to you, your family and your other kitten too!


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