Bella & Luna in their new home

Love our Persian Pals kitty Bella. She’s gorgeous, smart, and super sweet. Chrystal spoils her kittens and takes very good care of them and it shows! She goes above and beyond and was super helpful in every way and still is even after we’ve brought our kitty home. The love for her cats and kittens is unlike any other. Thank you for blessing our family with such a wonderful little girl. 🙂Jamie
Belly coming out of the cabinet Bella w robbie watching him play games bella sleeping on sleeping robbie Bella sitting up on her thrown bella scratching post Bella ready for night night Bella purple cover Bella Popcickles Bella peaking over the tub Bella on turqqq Bella on turq! Bella on the tub side Bella on her thrown bella new to home on her pink blankie with penel bella meeting penel2 bella meeting penel bella looking down at penel from bed Bella looking at panda on the computer Bella looking at Diamond on the computer Bella licking paw bella getting treats from jake bella cute purple cover bella cuddly with summer bella comfy on the thrown Bella belly

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