Why use Chase Quickpay


It’s free for us both! There is no cost for either of us to use Chase Quickpay = more spoilation for our kitties!


Only one person has to have a Chase checking account. You don’t have to have a Chase checking.  Our email for ChaseQuickpay purposes is: Adopt@ThePersianPals.com You don’t have to leave the house, send payment right from your computer.


You won’t see the other person’s account information and they won’t see yours.


If you have a Chase Account: Go to Chase.com & log in. Choose “Send Payments” tab at the top of the screen. In the drop down menu select “Chase Quickpay”, “Send Money”, “Add a recipient”. Our email for this purpose is: Adopt@ThePersianPals.com

If you don’t have a Chase Account:
Click the link below to enroll.

When you click the link above you will be taken to the Chase Website (photo shown below). Once there click the green “enroll now” button as shown in the photo…

chase quickpay crop


After clicking the green enroll now button, you will Choose the blue link “Sign up Now” (as shown in the photo below) and continue to follow the instructions on your screen.

not a user pic

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