Food, I’m a carnivore!


Our cats

eat raw food and the kittens are weaned on raw food. It is a natural way for cats to eat. My husband feeds our dogs in this manner and in the beginning I didn’t like it and was worried about bacteria so I begin to do research so I could convince him to stop. What happened is that I realized this was indeed a healthy way to feed our pets. I encourage you to do your own research to learn about all the benefits of a raw diet.


Feeding your kitty once home.

Because many people don’t have the time to hand make food at home, we recommend a packaged raw food diet. These can be bought at specialty pet stores/pet boutiques and also at chain stores like Petco, Petsmart & Pet Supplies Plus.  If you continue on a raw food diet this should be very gentle for kitties stomach. Some brands to look for are “Bravo”, “Stella & Chewy”, Primal or “Instinct Raw”. You’ll know you are in the right isle of the pet store because this food will be housed in a FREEZER. (not a refrigerator or a bag in an isle)

If you plan to change the food, and if you’ve just gotten your kitten and they are used to certain way of eating, you will want to change their diet gradually. Kittens can get upset stomachs and diarrhea, if the change is done too abruptly.We highly recommend keeping your kitten on the raw food diet.

Food choices (flavors) should be rotated periodically. Kittens can develop food allergies without varying food types. Also, kittens can get set in their ways early and get finicky about their food. Sometimes not eating what is presented.

Kitten food preferences develop by six months of age.

Fresh water should be left out all day for kittens. They get thirsty more often than adult cats because they are so active. Kittens prefer food at room temperature and may not eat cold food. However with a raw food diet you will notice that the cats drink less water, but you will still want to change the water daily to keep it fresh.

Use a glass or stainless steel dish to feed kitty.

Feeding times

Kittens will eat 3-4 times per day until the age of approximately 6 months, at which time you can begin to feed 2-3 times per day. An adult cat will eat 2 times per day.


Supplements are really a must have. These items are an essential part of daily feedings here.


Kitty Bloom supplements
kitty bloom vm900+3,
I also use Wate for our Pregnant females but you may want to consider this for coat condition

Visit their site for additional info on each supplement.

Amber technology has great prevention products, we usually keep some of the following around the house:

Dandelion & Hawthorn
Internal Gold Detox Kit
Otaglia Drops

Foods Kittens Should Avoid

Onions (Alliums)
Cow’s Milk
Yeast Dough
Dog Food
Fatty Foods

At our home

The food we feed our cats is homemade recipe of chicken or turkey hearts, backs, necks, chicken /turkey liver and leg quarters or beef, rabbit or duck with added supplements, we grind the food up and mix it. We give them salmon as a treat.

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Did you know...

When cats eat a raw food diet they digest much of what they eat and absorb the nutrients which leaves little to no stool! Yaaaay, less scooping stinky things from the litter box!


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