Specializing in rare Black Coated Beauties.

With the addition of our Egyptian Princess Zia Alexandria & Queen Caira we now have Tiger kitties!  Blue Patched Tabby & Black Smoke Tabby

 Our Queens

         Zia Alexandria                                          Hailing from Alexandria Egypt, she flew home with me from Egypt in April of 2014. Born February 2014. Her name means “Splendor”.  Zia is a Blue Cream Persian. She is the epitome of cuteness and silliness.  She loves to play, and I often say having her is like having a cartoon in the house. She brings us many laughs and joy with her silly antics.  Her fur is that of thick, soft cotton which makes snuggling irresistible. 

         Queen Nefre                                                                           Queen Nefre doing her impersonation of the Sphinx at Giza. Hailing from the Middle East, she flew home with me in October of 2016. Nefre is a Blue Persian. She is a loyal lion. Talkative and loves attention. She has created black beauties, and only black beauties so far… we shall see what is next.  

         Queen Sapphire                                              Sapphire is loved by all, she has never met a hooman she didn’t instantly love. She is so playfull and sweet. Everyone falls in love with her when they meet her. She is going to create the most stunningly beautiful kittens that will surely be absolute love muffins. She arrived home with me Oct. 2016 

Reigning King, The Florida Panther

   The Florida Panther    

                 First Generation born in Lake Mary, Florida.  Born of Diamond Masquerade, and Cairo Panda to carry on the love they shared.  He is a big teddy bear, cuddly, loves to be held. When I see him, he runs to me and stands up and hugs my leg. He is very outgoing, and friendly. Jet black, handsome. Best purr-sonality, purr-fect friend, bound to create lovable little bears.   

Our Retired Queens

Diamond MasqueradeIMG_3684                                                            Arrived from Egypt in 2011 as a gift from my husband. She is named for the diamond shape on her nose and the mask over her eyes as if she were going to a masquerade ball. As a kitten she would break away from the others just to sit with me, and look into my eyes. She would whisper to me as if to say “I love you”. She is very intelligent, loving, and confident. She produced Black Beauties, Vans & Bi-Colors. She is the mother of our current Reigning King, The Florida Panther.

                       Isis                    IMG_3658                                              Our first black beauty, Isis was a very playful kitten, she lived to play & would often invite you to chase her, so she could then reciprocate. She has transformed from a fluffy kitten with cottony fur to a jet black beauty.  Isis is very confident, outgoing and friendly.  She produced black beauties, & Bi-colors. She is currently retired. 

         Sheba                                                                                      The purrr-fect cat. The most beautiful, loving, intuitive best friend. She retired at age two and continues to be my best snuggle pal. She plays fetch and knows her name.  

 The Original Stud

Cairo Panda 

Born in Cairo, Egypt. He was our original furry stud muffin. Panda is just the sweetest teddy bear there is! He’s a snuggle baby, loves to be cuddled and is always near us for snuggies. Sleeps in our arms at night. My husband is his absolute favorite person in this world, but I am definitely tied for first place! We both adore Panda! Everyone adores Panda. He is the father of our current Reigning King, The Florida Panther.