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Oh my heart! This sweet and sensitive girl, flew home with me 3 years ago. She meowed the entire time! HAHA My little airport drama queen. Got lots of attention, and even security came to give her chin scratches! She reminds me of the Spinx in Giza, Egypt. We have nicknamed her “the Lion” although she is just a teddy bear. She will follow you around the house, loves to give head bumps and looks deeply into your eyes. She is always next to us, and loves to be petted. She will curl up next to you and be the purr-fect couch companion. Contact us regarding her adoption fee and policy.


Fairness for everyone

Our first priority is to find the purrr-fect home for our little sweeties. Because of this we do not hold or reserve kittens based on a verbal request or promise of adoption. A deposit must be submitted in order to guarantee that your little sweetie is yours. Submitting a deposit allows us to remove the listings showing that kitty is available, and then we can also make announcements and celebrate the adoption with you.  Without a deposit placed kittens are considered “available” and inquiries from all eligible parties will be entertained until the right home is found. We understand that this is a sensitive matter as you are contemplating adding a new addition to your family. We do our best to make everyone happy with the perfect new fur friend.

We offer play dates!  You will get photos and a meet and greet with the kitties to choose your sweetie.

We are confident and competent kitty cat fliers, which means we know how to fly your kitty home to you! We have pals all over the USA and some in other countries as well! (Even with the new rules) Click here: Shipping and Delivery

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  1. beth enwright

    Hello – I saw your post today for the 1 year old persian Prince.
    My 90 year old mother who lives in Sarasota FL just had to put down her 17 year old Persian companion Simba and she is devastated. I don’t know for sure what she will decide but I do know that she can’t handle a kitten too young. She is in great health, has a nice home in a retirement community and so badly needs someone to love and love her back. Simba had a great life with her. I am a cat person too, i have two burmese and she spends a lot of time with me and should something happen to her, her cat would become mine

    is this cat still available?

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