1 Day Hold

$ 25.00

Sometimes you just need a little time to think, but you know for sure which baby you want to think about! You may place a one day hold which will effectively reserve your baby until 9pm the following day. If you decide you want to move forward you will then be required to place a deposit. (See “Placing a Deposit”) If you move forward with us, the 1 Day hold fee will be applied to the adoption of your kitten, otherwise the 1 Day hold fee is non-refundable.

NOTE: To place a 1 Day hold click the “add to cart” button below, then the “proceed to checkout” button. On the Checkout page there will be a “order notes” section about halfway down in which you can type the name of the baby you are placing a hold on. (See photo example below)

Screenshot 2014-12-12 12.25.10



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