Sample Contract

Date: 00/00/0000    Kitten/cat name:                                    Breed: Persian           Date of Birth: 00/00/0000      Sex:
Sire:                                 Queen:

Purchaser’s Name: __________________________________________________________
City____________________________________State___________ Zip_______________
Home ph____________________________Cell___________________________________

For the following price or terms: Total adoption fee $____ (not including shipping) -Non-refundable deposit of $250 to reserve kitten(s) placed on ________. Remaining $_____ to be paid on or before date of pick up/shipping of kitten(s). Pick up date will be on or before 00/00/0000.  If kitten needs to be boarded beyond this date a boarding fee of $200/week prorated per day will be in place. Price of kitten $_____ each. Deduct $50 for buddy discount if adopting two.

Purchaser agrees to the following conditions of sale

1) The buyer accepts full responsibility for this kitten/cat and provides properly for its health and well being. The buyer agrees that this kitten/cat will always receive prompt medical care, and that the seller is not responsible for any veterinarian expenses incurred by the purchaser of this kitten/cat. 1A) Purchaser has five (5) days from the date of sale to take this kitten / cat to a Licensed Veterinarian at their own expense. If at this time the cat/kitten is found to have unacceptable health, seller agrees to replace the cat/kitten with one of equal value when available, but only with a proper veterinarian report. Excluding: minor problems, or those that could occur from the stress of a flight. Any applicable shipping charges will be incurred by the seller to return the kitten. No cash refunds are given, and any difference in adoption rates must be paid for replacement kitten if applicable.

2) Adequate indoor sanitary facilities will be provided for this kitten/cat.

3) This kitten/cat will never be allowed to roam outdoors without supervision.

4) Purchaser agrees to neuter/spay this cat between the ages of 4 and 6 months. There is to be no breeding of this pet.

5) If buyer no longer wishes to keep said kitten/cat, then buyer must offer seller first option to have the kitten/cat back at no cost to Persian Pals. If seller declines, kitten/cat is expected to be placed in a suitable loving pet home if buyer chooses not to keep the kitten/cat for the remainder of its lifetime. This kitten is not to be re-sold. Under no circumstance is this cat to be taken to shelter, pound, this kitten/cat can not be re-sold to or given to any pet shop, laboratory, or any similar facility of the sort.

6) Health Guarantee: Purchaser is receiving a healthy kitten/cat, free of infectious disease. Kitten has had first Distemper shot, negative for worms, but will also be dewormed prior to adoption. FL Health Certificate will accompany kitten.

7) Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer and to be paid at the same time as the deposit so transportation logistics can begin. No cash refunds will be given.

8) Attorney fees and court fees which should arise from breech of this contract will be paid by the purchaser of the kitten/cat identified herein.

9) Seller has right to refuse sale for any reason.

10) Buyer agrees to show a form of I.D. such as Drivers License as well as a piece of corresponding mail/utility bill detailing buyers address. (only address panel is needed for viewing) upon pickup or before shipping of kitten. This is to confirm identity of buyer and address of residence where kitten shall live.

Date 00/00/0000

Seller: Chrystal Wright

Phone (321)299-3705


Printed Name__________________

Buyer Signature ________________

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