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We adopted Theoris, and Chrystal has been incredibly helpful from the start. She is always responsive to my questions, even helping out with issues we had with another cat that we adopted elsewhere. Chrystal absolutely loves these little guys and is always willing to give advice and feedback on their health and well-being.Shivanna
We will be adopting beautiful Persian babies from Chrystal for the remainder of our cat-loving lives. We love our little muffin. He is the most well mannered, healthy, precious cat we have ever loved. Thank you Chrystal for introducing us to our new family member and best friend!Michael

If I could give Persian Palls and Crystal more than 5 stars, I certainly would!! Mr. Sampson, my all black little boy that I adopted this December, is a vision of health and beauty. Not only is he a gorgeous Persian specimen, but he is the most loving and affectionate kitten I have ever owned. Crystal loves these babies and it is very apparent! The moment Sampson came home, he was extremely social with our other cat Tallulah and nearly fearless; all because of the wonderful home he was raised in. He loves to be held constantly and follows me everywhere I go. Without a doubt, the absolute love of my life!

Crystal also taught my Fiancé and I about the benefits of switching to raw food and providing KittyBloom supplements to our feline friends as well. I was skeptical, but after seeing how healthy and beautiful the litter was I decided it couldn’t hurt.

To give a small amount of back story, Tallulah, our other cat, was abandoned on the side of a highway at 2 weeks old. We took her in and bottle fed her and later raised her on what was supposed to be “the best” canned cat food that vets recommend for kittens. We would feed her cans and cans a day hoping to help her grow. She was always hungry and always slim, never properly maturing to a decent size even when we did everything we were told. After slowly transitioning Tallulah to raw food, I was amazed. She now has noticeably become larger and healthier in weight. Her coat is longer and denser. All I can say is that we are in absolute awe and forever grateful for the knowledge that Crystal has empowered us with!

Thank you so much Persian Palls and Crystal for this priceless Christmas blessing. We know where our family will adopt all of our future feline friends!

We recently adopted two kittens and couldn’t be happier with them. They are so sweet, very playful, and adorable!Brooke
We have a Persian Pals Kitty. Bandy is a sweet, beautiful kitty. She loves to play and is a real companion. She is bright and curious and fun. One of her favorite things is to “help me make the bed”. If she is on the patio and sees me in the bedroom she shows up for play time. Or I just call her, She came from a loving home and it shows!Anne
Love our Persian Pals kitty Bella. She’s gorgeous, smart, and super sweet. Chrystal spoils her kittens and takes very good care of them and it shows! She goes above and beyond and was super helpful in every way and still is even after we’ve brought our kitty home. The love for her cats and kittens is unlike any other. Thank you for blessing our family with such a wonderful little girl. 🙂Jamie
Love my sweet Persian Pals baby Khai! He is such a loving, snuggler and talk…he’s a real talker! He was raised with tender loving care before he came home with me and it shows in his sweet, confident disposition.Donna
I have to tell you that I have no way to put into words how much my little boy has meant to me. Pride worships me and snuggles with me when I am sleeping. He cooes and purrs at the same time when he is in my arms. He walks around the house “talking” all the time. It is so darn cute! We love him sooooo much!Mel
Persian Pal kitties are born and raised with love. They’re super lovable and cuddle buddies. c:Amber
Chrystal and Persian Pals are Amazing!!!! She was so kind and helpful during our search for a new kitten. We ended up getting 2 kittens from her!! Brother and Sister, Cindy Pawford & Loki They are beautiful and have the best temperament. They make our family complete!! Persian Pals is a very professional and caring breeder that only gives her kitties the very best!! They are raised in her home and pre spoiled before going home with you. This is not a backyard breeder!! She has stayed in contact with me since we adopted and is always available to answer my questions or just enjoy my cute pictures!! I would give this company 5 stars ♥Nichole
We recently adopted “Holly” and I can’t say enough about her personality. This is the third kitten I’ve had flown in from another state. It became apparent to me very quickly that she was handled a lot as a kitten. Holly isn’t scared of …anything. She’s a fabulous combination of bold, sweet, playful and affectionate. Great job introducing her to people and other pets as a baby… She adapted immediately to our entire family!.Julie
Hi there! I wanted to share about Dazzle. She is the perfect cat for our family. The lap cat we always wanted! Her favorite spot is either inside of her basket or on our lap. She is so playful and sweet! We could not be any happier!
This is our second review. We adopted our first pal, Bella from Chrystal Wright almost a year ago. She is such a fantastic kitty that we just adopted a new pal, a black beauty we’ve named Luna, a few weeks ago. Chrystal has yet again blessed our family with such an amazing little kitty. And as before you can tell right away from the moment you bring your kitty home that they were spoiled with lots of love and attention. Our new baby Luna is very sweet and cuddly and drop dead gorgeous! She’s not shy or scared of anything, but very laid back and mellow at the same time. She always runs to greet you as soon as you walk in the room. She meows at your feet until you pick her up and play with her. She adapted to our home and other pets very quickly and fits right in. I would not adopt a kitty from anywhere else, Persian Pals are one of a kind. And Chrystal is amazingly helpful in every way. I trust her completely to the point where I even adopted this new baby before she was even born! I am also happy to be able to call Chrystal my friend now as well. This is the picture of our kitty Luna on Easter morning when we surprised our kids with herJamie


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